2010 / Short film

Neven Pilipovic, Lennart Florczark, Peter Wutz, Anna Fajdic
Lili Krasteva
Lili Krasteva, Matthias John
Matthias John
André Neske
Matthias John, Lili Krasteva
Matthias John, Lili Krasteva

Sava and his son Ivan who emigrated from Serbia to Germany years ago. Ivan’s mother wants to follow the two, but what you do not succeed, for family reasons. Sava speaks no German at the beginning, and since he is from Serbia he is not recognized for his job as a policeman. He is forced to work as a cleaner. To secure for himself and his son a financially worry-free life, he must work in two jobs. Sava is not proud of his job and does not clear the fact that he is building work that is well below his qualifications. For this reason, he decides to pretend to Ivan, that he was still a policeman.