Ani’s world

2013 / Short film

Ambar de la Hora, Ingrid Gokeler, Anastasia Weinmar, Christian Klischat, Nela Bartsch
Lili Krasteva
Lili Krasteva
Maurice Wilkerling
Liv Uhlmann
Lili Krasteva
Lili Krasteva

Ani’s family emigrated from Bulgaria to Germany many years ago. The family life is far from being happy. Ani and her mother escape from home because the father is an alcoholic and tends to be violent. Both women end up in a women’s shelter. Instead of getting closer in this time of crisis, both women become more and more alienated from each other. When Ani confesses to her mother that she is a lesbian, the situation escalates. In the women’s shelter Ani meets Tanja. Tanja works there in an honorary capacity. She helps Ani to hide from her mother. In the end Ani stays in Germany and her mother has to accept that she is going back to her homeland alone.

A story about violence, family coercion and misunderstandings as well as possible alternatives…